Borders have always been there: man-made borders made by man, violated by man, protected by man. Oh! Man. Oh! Man.

When the year had begin, the world was in no less a state of bewilderment than it is now, the difference is, then we were fighting amongst each other- Man v/s Man and today it is in between Us v/s “the obstinate intruder”.

Just a couple of months ago, do you remember, how busy we had been commenting upon the political and global scenario, judging: who should win the debate… not the ‘best man’ but whoever wins will have to be considered the best, no matter if he was right or not.

Well, today things have changed and none of us are quite sure how long will it continue. A few months back, one nation was in a state of war with the other nation but today it looks like Nature is in war with the entire human race.

The obstinate intruder | the CQ Magazine

Borders, nationalism, anti-nationalism, politics, citizenship issues, medical strikes, and every other thing have ceased to exist since the day this well-known Intruder has come into existence. This Intruder knows no boundaries, attacks without identifying one’s nationality, spares not any ‘class’, ‘caste’, ‘religion’ and in short is the current day modified weapon by Mother Nature who is too disgusted by humans as they had started ignoring natural laws to abide by the inhumane laws and sentiments.

Have you ever wondered if the man-made borders were removed then it will be impossible to depict that where one country is divided by the other country? Have you ever noticed that people who live near the borders are more similar and kin to the people of the neighbouring country than the people who live in the middle of the country?

Oh! Please don’t tell me that it never came to your mind that how different was Punjab and Bengal and how different was the reaction of partition between them.

The obstinate intruder | the CQ Magazine

The point is: we all had become unconscious that our deeds affect our national home at a smaller sphere and our Only Home at a collective sphere. After all, we are just a species who evolved with the passing time, feeding upon Nature for our needs, wants, and sustenance and then acting like parasites for greed, power, and annihilation. And so, Nature too found a parasite to undo all her sufferings and destroy the continuous chain of creating absurdity by destroying the creator, Check-mate.

So, what do you think… is Covid-19 spread the mistake of a country’s ignorance or the Act of Nature to teach us a lesson, a very sad lesson? The virus attacks without permission, just like we cut the trees without permit. The Intruder is sly, new-born and we are unaware of its features and characteristics, just like the human actions upon Nature which are always inhumane, exploiting, and unpredictable. It is rather difficult to judge whether one should thank this intruder micro-organism for bringing the human species together or ask it to leave without further painful breaking news, or maybe, both.

Coronavirus has made the world stand united to fight against our threat of becoming ‘an endangered species’ and has reminded us that Nature is the only Superpower. Let us pray for a better and beautiful tomorrow where this disease will only be a ‘history’ which reminded us of our un-absolute pride and power and made the entire human civilization more civil and bow down to Nature.

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