The world is facing a crisis, which nobody has ever thought of. There are no clear ideas, strategies, and guidance about which direction one should move. Every 50 years or 100 years, the world undergoes a crisis, which leads to bringing transformation in the lives of humans.

We as humans have the monotony of living our lives. But whenever such a crisis or situation arises, it brings changes. When changes occur, people become resistant to changes. But they are left with no other option, but to unfreeze, change and refreeze their actions. For those who adapt and flow with the changes, survival becomes easy.

But moreover, these crises teach human beings to make changes in their mindsets. Those thinking which have been prevailing for a long time allow us to bring changes and shift in our mindsets for a better future.

Due to Covid-19, every industry has faced tough times and they are still facing them. Now slowly with each passing day, humans are adapting to this “new normal”. This is the need of the hour. We cannot remain confined to what we were living before covid-19.

Parties, social gatherings, get-togethers were common before Covid-19. But now, the slogan of every individual has changed. It has become: “My Safety can be Your safety”. i.e., if I am safe, then only I can save other people around me.

Human beings are rational animals it is said always. They cannot live in isolation. But Covid-19 has unfolded another side of humans, that has made humans more powerful and positive. These times of crisis have brought us in better condition which we would in another way never think.

Stay safe, stay strong.

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