God has sent me a letter,

To name a title of my life better!

He gave me the scope to send later,

I started thinking about this matter!

I thought thoroughly to send urgent,

I find of you everything refulgent!

I think of you and you and feel you- intense,

I find my world with your pleasant presence!

I find my life with you- great elegance,

Give me hope to live happily – immense!

I sought my soul all,

I found your name more ample!

I searched my future goddess to amplify,

I found your name to glorify!

You only can digest mine,

To find my soul’s mine!

When you do not accompany in my loneliness,

I find nothing but emptiness!

Have not written for a decade,

Feeling like nothing in my weight!

Seems like have not done a compulsory,

Have not done a lot to make you merry!

I want you with me to learn the unlearns,

To make fun of morbid issues!

I want to be with you in every emptiness,

In every emotion and every mess!

Take love, my crazy fan,

Take respect, my soul’s outlast lane!


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