Tomorrow and you

I wish that tomorrow, at dawn, the hour at countryside whitens,
I will depart. You will see it; I know one thing that you will be there for me.
I will crawl mountains, run through forests and swim the sea for you,
I cannot stay far from you any longer now.
I will trudge on, my eyes fixed on my feelings and thoughts,
The sound of your voice and the mesmerizing sights and enchanting smile
It makes me disregard all the things around with just a glimpse.
Now after meeting you, again being lone, far-flung to you,
Saddened, and the days will be like a dark night.
I do not wish gold, diamonds, and fancy things if it leads to the ending things,
I can give all the fancy stuff, gold and diamonds to kill this distance between us,
The day I will come again, I will place myself in a small corner of your heart.
From where I can’t be moved and placed for a lifetime.

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