Things that are to be done before I am gone

I wanna win, I wanna loose
I wanna stick, I wanna choose
I wanna one, I wanna troop
I wanna end, I wanna loop

I wanna learn, I wanna earn
I wanna stand, I wanna run
I wanna flip, I wanna turn
I wanna shine, I wanna burn

I wanna walk, I wanna trip
I wanna slide, I wanna grip
I wanna climb, I wanna drip
I wanna whole, I wanna rip

I wanna friend, I wanna foe
I wanna head, I wanna toe
I wanna sad, I wanna joy
I wanna real, I wanna moe

I wanna swim, I wanna drown
I wanna jump, I wanna crawl
I wanna smile, I wanna frown
I wanna flower, I wanna thorn

I wanna you, I wanna none
I wanna few, I wanna some
I wanna go, I wanna come
At last, I wanna wander somewhere in Europe
Things that are to be done before I am gone

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