The Pain of Grief

I’m a mother
I feel and fathom the pain of other
Living a life full of love and compassion,
This is the way of my life and passion.

Only to live, learning concern is against my will,
It’s beyond my imagination why do you kill?
You come and go, to and fro,
Display your vanity in life’s show.

You have stabbed my sons and raped my daughters.
Have you ever thought about the souls you slaughter?
Seeing your barbarism, killing and holocaust
I’m depressed dejected and downcast.

Your evil act, nefarious design and art
Only shows you are creatures without heart
I am not only disappointed by the act of insane,
Also, saddened by the conspicuous silence of sane.

You took the lives as you owned it
Irrespective of the struggles we do, to fit in.
You lost the acumen you were known for,
Only to get the future you know not.

My roots are taken down,
And dragged to make it drawn
You have lost the humanity
Slaying over your own humane creativity

The reason I found is your insecurity
As you left your spirituality
Come back to what is needed
As the hour appeals for open heed

My heart goes out to my children,
I pray to God save them from barbarian.
I’m a mother,
I feel and fathom the pain of others.

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