The Disappearing Act

When I was still a child,
And illusions seemed too good to be true
Dad used to show me some magic tricks
Including card tricks and cup tricks too.

I used to complain and say,
‘Dad, show me the Disappearing trick too’
And to fulfill my childhood wish,
Destiny brought you.

Never was I more perturbed,
Than the day the chat screen went void
And for once I didn’t ask for the meaning
After all it was me you wanted to avoid…

No, I’m not the protagonist
And neither are you a villain of my story
Because for me you were never wrong,
Just an old bittersweet memory.

You are the kind of nostalgia that floods me
Each time I see an old polaroid
And the familiar scent of leather bound books,
Tucked somewhere in my library’s nooks.

I was never afraid of judgements,
Till it happened to come from you…
And I crawled back into the shell
Whose walls I had scaled to reach to you.

Maybe I lost someone
Who knew more to me than others
But you lost a friend, a companion
And a listener.

Maybe that loss
didn’t mean a thing to you
Because with time people change
And then priorities change too.

I no longer go for magic shows,
And those opening acts are no longer mine
And without any more disappearances
I guess I am doing just fine.

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