I’m White! I’ve got the attention
Of you Good Men –
Now that I can sense if slavery caused racism!
I’m Black! “Eww! You are? You are
Someone not to be greeted, not to be neared –
For you have a pair of thicker negroid lips!”
I’m Tall! I have to bend myself down
Every time to shake your hand –
Because you’re short, shorter than I realized!
I’m a Happy Buddhist! What are you?
I feel terrified under your hostile gaze –
Has the Buddha not told you to follow the principles of non-violence?
I’m a Christian! The least anti-Semitic individual
You will ever come across –
Now, say it right: Do the Jews – beyond a doubt – believe in peace?
I’m a Hindu! I rely on faith
Hush hush – I’m the truest –
For I’ve got too many reasons!
“Another way of being noticed is to be humane
For antagonism towards humanity is –
To slay the slain!”


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