Plans for next sunday

I am prepared

to brave the scare this time

wanting to stay, no delay again.

Lockdown 4? Enough is enough

so much so that I fought with Ma

last night and told her

that I don’t care

about what Uma aunty has to say,

or how Sima Masi will react

to me staying with you

before the union.

What matters more Ma, you say?

An hour later, she was okay.

Who cares, after all this,

we’ve waited far enough

to convince our families

and sacrificed years- so many people

have left, and so many trips

cancelled. No one owes it for you both, she said.

Just take care, and call me twice.


How fast can Sunday arrive? let me see:

your place is all new, and your parents

will know after all, betibahu– will stay:

we’ll cook together, you buy bhindis

I’ll get the eggs, some maggi,

and after dinner early, some flame later

but before, head champis for free

okay? I’ll be waiting by our lane

with a small bag and some pillows

only if you were half as good to buy,

a shy smile beneath my mask

and a slow song on my mind.

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