Can we breathe too?

George Floyd, you told the Earth
“I cannot breathe.’’
Can we really breathe too?
Floyd, your death has exposed the black face of racism
And ignited the demand for fair treatment.
We cannot breathe here as well.
People with pen, lens and brush
Are put behind the bars
for exposing the ugly faces of the corrupts.
Can we breathe here too?
People are rushing
from one health center to another with their kindred;
Mercenary people swollen on capitalism
Close the doors to the critical patients.
Hoarders are now sucking the blood out of people
Like leeches fattening their purse
In connivance with the corrupt public officials
(Politicians cannot be exempted too).
Covidiot landlords and neighbors scare
The Covid patients and their care-givers too
Like the phantoms of hell.
Near and dear ones desert
The dead body untouched and alone
(For whom while living, they pretended to die)
Besmearing the ideal face of kinship.
Can we breathe here too?

God, take this pandemic away

Oh God, take this pandemic away soon;
for our health system cannot serve most of the victims.
Even the affluent cannot have one ventilator
And die while shuttling in search of one.
Oh God, take the pandemic away;
for it has laid bare the real faces of the dear ones;
And made our life and livelihood precarious.
Oh God, take the pandemic away
for I cannot go to my lush green campus
and see the seraphic faces of my students.
My eyes have become feeble with staring long at
the dazzling light of my laptop screen.
Zoom and Google Classroom have made me oblivious
of the shy, glowing faces of my students.
The sounds of their strenuous screams
and sturdy footsteps on the worn-out tiles of the corridor
No more buzz in my ears.
Oh God, take this pandemic away.


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