All those years
Of wearing daffodils in my hair
You picked for me
Yet my body always loathed sunlight

Down through all those winter days
I hid my body covered in algae
Rearing those bright green bugs in shining shields
With a snowy rug that smelled like you

Flowing through all those monsoon storms
I kept my feet drowned in stream
Bearing thin roots towards earth
Towards your warmth of soul

The summer has finally arrived
I stand here naked in my heathenish skin
Ugly feathers stuck in my hair
Have a look at my burned fingers
They got their flesh scorched
As I rubbed them against some body of others
Than you
That vernal creeper is fed upon me

Maybe just before you believe
That you lost your last possession
The last perfectness you owned
I would anticipate a last stupefaction.

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