In My Own Handwriting

I am a writer.
Not a typer.
I love to write the words,
But not through the keyboard.
Mark my words- love to write
in my own handwriting.
I need a pen and a paper.
And I won’t get tired of scribbling,
no matter how long it goes.
I just need to write my emotions
in my own handwriting.
The desktop will –
detect my grammatical mistakes-
correct my spellings
But it’ll be backspaced- my mistakes-
Will be preserved when I strike them off
in my own handwriting.
Does it sound funny to you?
It might. You are not a writer.
I am the one.
And it’s my job to pen down feelings,
And yours is to wonder- “how do they do it!”
My possibilities are greater than you can imagine.
My imagination? Faster!
And I won’t get tired of penning it down
‘Cause I am a writer. Not a ‘typer’.
I love to write my words
in my own handwriting.


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