“Flowers for the good and flowers for the bad,
In every flower, resides a lot of respect, love and care.”

When I was a baby, you showed me how is my garden colourful.
When I grew up a little, I gifted you to the God for making my little wishes come true.
When I was a teenager, mom added you to my hair so that I looked more beautiful.
When I was in my early 20s, you came up to me expressing love.
When I was getting married, you came up to me in the form of blessings.
When I was in the deep dark bed of lust, your petals perfumed my entire body complementing the ecstasy.
You kept meeting me again and again for decades together with every good thing that came my way.
And then, we lost touch.
Years later, the world adorned me with the garland again. Not with happiness. But with pain and tears. Respecting the way I lived my life. Bidding a good bye as heaven had paved a path to take me.

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