When they get burn
It’s me, for whom they run;
You cause destruction and pain,
In the end, my form makes you vain!
I always win, you always lose,
Between Fire and Ice
It’s me whom they choose.

Well, humans are a race of fools.
Teach: “fire is dangerous” in schools.
They forget that I am their greatest discovery
My heat brought Earth its recovery.
You are what they become after death-
How long will you be in curtain?
Between me and you;
It’s you who are a burden.

Oh my dear, who will enlighten them?
They are happy with my superficiality
When it’s hot, they turn on their machines;
And throw you out from actuality.

Don’t worry, one day they will know
What is worthy to be written on paper.
Embrace your importance while it lasts
Cause nothing lasts forever.

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