A new place I go to,
Meeting so many kids like me.
Same kind of pillows and beds,
“Something wrong with me” every innocent face read.
New visitors who greet,
Welcome me with colourful and bitter candies rather than tasty toffees,
Red started to love me much, trying hard to become my favourite colour,
“But poor red, I don’t like you”, cried every little one.
Needle and cotton,
Replaced the pencil and rubber on the table of my room.
Cartoons and games in the monitors disappeared,
Looking at the uninteresting wavy lines and numbers forced to be my routine.
While a bright light is busy making efforts to make my head shine,
“You lose something to gain”, said my fair skin.
Every time I returned to my bed after the spot lights were off,
New friends came in and I found my old friends missing,
Are they playing hide and seek?
Asked my curious mind.
Days passed, neither was I able to find them nor did they unhide.
Bored and tired, I ended up waiting for my turn to hide.

-Through a cancer kid’s eyes.


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