How could you look at her like that?
How could you ignore,
those beautiful eyes
Full of dreams?
How could you not see,
Those soft hands,
That were to do
The hardest tasks?
How could you hinder
Those small feet,
That were to take the longest stride?
How could you snatch
That divine smile,
That could have melted,
Even God’s heart?
How could you stuff her heart with thorns of your lust?
How could her innocence,
Ignite your demons inside?
How could her truthfulness
Challenged your beasts?
How could you touch her
Like that, when she trusted you the most?
How could you thrust himself on her,
without thinking her a child?
Didn’t she remind you,
Of those little goddesses,
you do look for in your fasts?
Didn’t she remind you of
A shiny little star
That could have fired the whole sky?
Didn’t her cries break your heart?
Didn’t her silence tear you apart?
Didn’t you feel dead when you trampled humanity that far?
Didn?t her helplessness pricked you?
Ask yourself, if you can.
Ask yourself if you can.

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