An Inebriated Reverie

Was it yesterday, or was it today or was it just
Another yesterday when you left?!
Or was it in my dream?!
Or maybe you never existed?!
Maybe I was just drunk the entire time…
Drunk on my own desires…
Too drunk to realise the futility of my expectations…
Futile and fragile…
How silly the mortal heart is!
Not every feeling is love, not every kiss either…
Nor were those long hugs a gesture of your love.
The first time you went inside me was not love either…
And every time you held me close to your heart, my foolish heart felt nothing but love…
Until one day…
I found myself absorbed in darkness…
Everything was over, you were gone…
A pinching pain ails my soul…
I cry. I scream. I cringe. I shiver.
And slowly I rise up from my slumber….
Did you ever exist?!
Or maybe I was just drunk this entire time?!

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