Love is Love

LGBT – rather than being a commonly used word which can be spoken with much normalcy, the word grew out to be a sensitive, stressing and complicated topic in itself.

If we all are the owners of our own lives, then why are we burdened to adhere to a particular kind of sexual orientation, discarding the basic fact that every being has its own magical ways to love and express it in their own way. Would you imagine going out on a street and people whispering to each other about you- judging the way you dress, the way you express and controlling the way you love someone; and some random guys coming and verbally assaulting you for your personal life choice. Just thinking about it, sends a chill down my spine.

The unhealthy thought of homosexuality ‘as a disease’ that pervades in the minds of millions needs to be cured and must be perceived as a beautiful way of living. People have to understand that these people were born with these feelings, there is nothing ‘abnormal’ or ‘un-biological’ in that. Maybe it took a little time for them to express themselves, due to constant social pressure, but people with such orientation shouldn’t be mistreated and secluded as such behavior could lead to severe depression and stress at a very early age. Alienating them from the society, would prevent prosperity and suppressing their rights would lead no one to glory but it would make someone’s life suffocating and their dreams of living a joyful life would come crashing down. The society should not be the one to decide what rights one must practice.

Love has no language and what needs to be propagated is that love also doesn’t have a specific sexual orientation. How could it bother a person that somebody loves and want to spend their rest of the life with a partner of the same gender. It is, indeed, the invasion of their private life.

Some common problems faced

Social exclusion: Not all people easily accept a person belonging to LGBT, be it their brother, sister, son or daughter. Their interaction with the society is hence decreased. Lack of engagement in social meetings and parties puts a major impact on their personality and social development.

Homelessness: The rejection from the family leads them to seek shelter where not many people are ready to rent their house/room to a person belonging to LGBT community. This leads to homelessness further decreasing the dignity of the life.

Harassment: A large amount of LGBT students get bullied in schools and colleges for their sexual preference, which eventually hinders in their pursuance of quality education and drives them away from attending school, altogether. A step against such behavior is essential since it is all about the future of the country.

Discrimination at workplace: To live a healthy life, it is essential to have money. Job acceptance for LGBTs are rare and if they are given a place to work, their pay is comparatively low than their colleagues even though the amount of work given is relatively same.

Crime and violence: A large number of cases state that the major reason for deaths in LGBT community is due to suicide or honor killing by one’s own kinsfolk. In some countries, homosexuality is still a crime which needs to be eradicated soon.

Even though there are a large number of people standing out for them, a number of groups humbly helping the LGBTs and supporting them till death but the expected ratio is still low. Pride walks has been organized in various cities across the globe supporting LGBTs. However, the world still needs to understand, accept their existence and respect their feelings in a better way.

?Love is love.

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