# Un-talked and un-expressed

The creased bed sheets, the rhythmic beatings of the heart, the inappropriately-placed hickeys, the weird fantasies, the uncalled cravings, unrestricted wanderings and the madness of life, ah! Such emotions hide behind the plastered surface of morality and repressed souls. Let yourself free! Spit out the controversial and express the unexpressed, because, life is not all about kissing under the mistletoe, sometimes it’s about going against the norms!

Pieces from the category:

Borders have always been there: man-made borders made by man, violated by man, protected by man. Oh! Man. Oh! Man. When the year had
What happens when one day you turn on your television in the hope to watch the Primetime by your famous national news presenter or
Ka One parasite chases another out. Michael Serres There’s a death we can feed upon. A suicide, an act of annihilation, a drawing close
The world is facing a crisis, which nobody has ever thought of. There are no clear ideas, strategies, and guidance about which direction one
Enough has probably been said about the inauspiciousness of the current year. But, since no respite from the constant barrage of misfortunes is in
The pandemic of Coronavirus has spread its arms throughout the world. For the first time, the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated on 23 January
He was the ruthless king of masks who hides his reality and let the world perceive him the way he wants. I serve my
WHATT HOLY SHIT… Does your granny want to get married? It’s her time to get ready to go in grave, and look the old
Right when the entire nation was out in their balconies and terraces (some intelligent ones, also thronged the streets… but, who am I to

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