# Short Stories

From grandma stories to fairy tales, our worlds have been doodled with the stars we gaze at night to the accident that you witnessed recently. These experiences create a unique threshold of imagination strings that reconnects our past to the present to the future. Sometimes we travel to the lands we have never been to! This section takes you to the world of fantasy that ruptures and blooms reality at the same time.

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Majid is four and a half year old. At this age he is a devoted fan of his father’s talent. Today his fascination has touched the sky for his father Kuddus Mian has caught a mouse for him. Not only has he caught it, but also he tied its tail

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Looking around through the Scheherazade-Lens

Once an inquisitive reader asked me, ‘Could you please tell me where do fiction-writers get so many stories from?’ ‘Why not?’, I beamed with confidence. ‘Listen, please. Suppose it’s evening – home time for the office goers. The Chaurangi area is buzzing with the crowd. Trams are sardine-packed with exhaustion-consumed

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Sukie in the Graveyard

Between the heat of the July day and Jamie’s non-stop moaning things were beginning to be a little hard to bear. As we drove the ten miles or so from the hotel to the cemetery, I tried to ignore his whining as best I could. I would ask him questions

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Butcher’s Metal

Knife, hammer, blades of many sizes I keep them in tip-top condition. Come by my shack of a shop and I shall give you the best meat in the town. Celebrations and death ceremonies alike, the red, dense and flabby flesh I supply is savoured by your kinsmen and strangers.

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The Enormous Cat

Helen Lattimer’s husband, George, died just before lunch on an overcast Tuesday in June. He’d been in the garden tending the roses which these past forty years were his pride and joy. Helen called him from the kitchen to ask what type of sandwich he wanted and thought nothing of

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Covid-19 in Three Short-short Fictions

1. Mocking at Locking-down! Influential people and poseurs, in our country, place boards inscribed with professional tags like ‘PRESS’, ‘DOCTOR’, ‘ADVOCATE’, etc. behind the windshield of their cars. They do this with calculated designs in mind. Displaying their real or assumed professional identity, they can avoid unnecessary police interrogation in

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