# Gender

Bound by societal norms and restrictions, the phrase “Man is a social animal”, seems like a curse! Society leaves no gender unturned. While women are caged for their appeal to sensuality, homosexuals are hunted for being ‘unnatural’, men get raped too, and society feeds on the flesh of its subjects. But not anymore! This section allows us to raise our voices and save our individuality for once!

Pieces from the category:

Shakespeare is being re-interpreted in newer and more dimensional perspectives by Shakespearean critics all around the world. I have tried to revisit the condition
LGBT – rather than being a commonly used word which can be spoken with much normalcy, the word grew out to be a sensitive,
Desire to love and be loved is intricate in homo sapiens. Feeling of love is as old as human existence on this planet. However,
In October 2011, Delhi University turned into a melting pot of debate over one of the most celebrated essays of A.K. Ramanujan ‘Three Hundred
When we hear that someone is LGBT — many terms come in our minds like, “Kinnar,” “Chakkas,” “Meetha,” “Lunj,” “Khasuya.” In many regional languages,
The Constitution of India provided us with the fundamental rights under Article 15 which states that “Prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of religion,

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