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Seated silence, shining sky. Sinking sun seems shy, As clouds pass by. Red rays glaring rye. Homing birds flying high. Green meadow, glittering water,
No more all-you-can-eat buffets, No more forcing smiles. Wealth disappeared, despair rates skyrocketed, Worries ebbed and flowed. The Thing makes us go crazy, And
Cramped in those yellow walls of her kitchen, she craves freedom from that prison. She looks out of her grilled window from day-to-day and

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So dry your tears, Clear your sight, Catch every opportunity With all your might With all your might Because you only live once, And cost of life isn’t free! Believe it’s
A new place I go to, Meeting so many kids like me. Same kind of pillows and beds, “Something wrong with me” every innocent
Majid is four and a half year old. At this age he is a devoted fan of his father’s talent. Today his fascination has
Helen Lattimer’s husband, George, died just before lunch on an overcast Tuesday in June. He’d been in the garden tending the roses which these
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  • #Unfiltered: The heavy awkwardness and silence between compulsory heterosexuality, bisexuality, and homosexuality.
  • Review your favorite book that you think is ideal for an individual who has severe anxiety or doubts his/her self-worth.
  • 10 ways to deal with anxiety/panic attack/anti-socialism.
  • Is India ‘secular’ anymore?
  • Mental health and relationships.
  • What has 2020 and Covid-19 taught you?

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